Sunday, April 21, 2013

The best weekend and a great result

I finished this beautiful Elsebeth Lavold pattern called "Corinne" last fall. I love love love the pattern.  It combines my absolute favorite knitting...lace...with making a garment which is perhaps a lesser favorite. I used her yarn Hempathy, perfect for the warm climate that I live in. I happily finished it and tried it on…no fit no way.  Ouch. (I may have put on a couple of pounds since starting it).

Having leftover yarn, I was planning on frogging and starting over but tossed it into the stash before embarking on that painful chore.
Last week, my girlfriends friends L and S came to visit. We had been stash diving as we were having a knitting/jewelry making intensive weekend. I located the sweater in the yarn mess in my steamer trunk  (yes, I need an intervention for this...)

I pulled out the finished garment, then just by chance looked up at L, who is about my height but slimmer compared to myself. Corinne in hand, I held it up…it was a match made in heaven. Looked potentially beautiful, S then went to her suitcase and pulled out a perfect lightweight tank for L. She tried it on and lo and behold…made for her!
I love this pattern…I will do this again only larger…and I will knit it in the round to avoid those pesky purl rows, and I will do it in white as the green looks much better on L than on me!

Here are some other delights from the weekend

Flower salad (chive and johnny jump-ups, the calendula bloomed 5 days too late to add)

Beach walk


Wildflower photography (specifically Shepherd's Needle and Trumpet Flower)

(this lady was spotted by S outside son R's window)

Observation of flying squirrels

A finished necklace with a shell from the Mediterranean from last year's trip...

We had a grand time.