Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stor Rund Dug or Danish Doily Shawl

I had never done a circular shawl, but several months ago I found via Ravelry a website called with a translation of a Danish doily called Stor Rund Dug, pattern here.  Babylon tells me that this means "large round tablecloth."  Thanks to the giving person who translated it...couldn't find a name.

There is a Danish site with directions in Danish, if you're interested in knitting from the original Danish...Kunststrike.DK but I couldn't get it to pull up.

After some centemplation I realized that I had the perfect yarn for this in stash....and Danish to boot.  The Isager Strik Tvinni Tweed seemed perfect.  This was purchased at Yarn Paradise in Asheville several years ago.

I ran out of yarn (only had two skeins) but finished it off with a similar yarn in stash (hence the slight brown color variation at the border) and an Evelyn A Clark traditional pointy bind off. I used some little jasper beads to pull the points down and make it hang nicely.

It's a perfect little "air-conditioning" shawl for cool mornings in the office.

My friend L says that this should also be called "Knitting in the Bars in Wales" because this was my evening knitting project while traveling in Wales!