Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter from Blanca and Rosa. They are poor spring fertility symbols as I don't know where I would put more bunnies...but I'm working on how I might do that. 

As I have gotten better at grooming them, I have gotten better at spinning because as we know, it's all about the fiber prep!  I have two colorways: Blanca and Rosa!

Friday, March 4, 2016

FO: Lotus Crescent

What is it about KPPPM? I just LOVE the stuff. I don't know why exactly.  The  color repeats seem to be well distributed for a just-right kind of pattern. 

I really prefer a springy merino heavy fingering weight for many projects and I have a number of brands of yarn that fit that description, including this Koigu. 

Another thing that I really love is pairing a solid with a color changing yarn.

So it was lovely to find a striking pattern, Kieran Foley's absolutely stunning Lotus Crescent, to pair LaJolla Black Pearl with various KPPPM. There are lace "partitions" in the pattern.  Love!  I would have knit it larger if I'd had more of the black. The Ravelry page for this project has many beautiful variations on this, possible because of all the color changes. I WILL knit this again!  And I will be pairing black with colors of KPPPM for other projects...

It's a very stained glass look; here's some of the real thing from the Cathedral in Roskilde from two years ago