Friday, July 24, 2015

Old and New

There is a family house in longer owned by my family. However we may be able to visit at some point...but that's another story.

The house is in Northfield Falls.  I spent summers there as a child. When my Dad sold the house which is far from where we all live in South Carolina now, he and Mom removed a lot of the furniture. One thing removed was a rocker.

My Grandma Helen, when she was alive, worked at a consignment shop called "The Red Mitten" in Northfield. There was a healthy respect in the community for old and handmade items.  I do not believe that the shop is still there. However, a long time ago, my Grandmother picked up a half done needlepoint canvas there. I was much younger and doing needlepoint at the time. Hating to see an abandoned project, I finished it, Mom had it stitched into a cushion, and back to Grandma it went.

Fast forward a's Kaffe Fassett era. And the entree of Kaffe's Persian Poppies. I still love them.

Forward a bit more...the year I learned to spin I bought some orange-yellow blend merino roving and spun it into a worsted weight kinda double. It hung around and I tried it out for 6-7 projects, never quite working.  Finally I paired it, just this year, with some green yarn using Kaffe's Persian Poppies theme. It just worked.  I thought that I was doing a little afgha in the round. Then it looked just perfectly sized for a child's sweater.

I re knit it 3 times, trying to fit it to  my niece. When I finally held it up to the child, it was so too small.  Three times...not meant to be. I stopped but did not frog. I held it up to the rocker....perfect for the back with the needlepoint cushion on the seat....perfection plus several touch points in my history!