Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Koigu PPPM Addiction

It's easier to come up with a great descriptive name for a yarn with a three word title for its addictive properties, e.g. "crack silk haze."  I'm trying to come up with one for koigu KPPPM...let me know if you have any suggestions.

So here's another:  the Oyster Bay Shawl by Lori Law.

For this type of lace I like a pattern with some regular knit 2 togethers/kps's and yarn overs to create kind of a scallop-y look.

Two shades of KPPPM.  And some little pyrex teardrop shaped beads for the border from my LBS (local bead store), High Tide Beads.

Prior to the edge I did a row of eyelets with just k2tog and yo, and then I came up with my own edge as the repeat had an even number of stitches, *yo, k1, yo, k2, skp, k2tog, k2* and purl wrong side rows...there was a visible strand between the skp and the k2tog which I liked.

Isn't orange grand?

(Not sure what this is, it was supposed to be an autumn bloomer, didn't do much, lived through the warm winter and now it's got it's energy.  This is only one stalk of this large plant.)

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Meanwhile, there has been some unusual activity here...

I have pieced and hand quilted one or two quilts in my day.  Several years ago I undertook piecing a quilt top for a son and it's been sitting around.  I finally finished putting the blocks together (10" blocks from Keepsake Quilting, no cutting required) and got a quilting frame for Christmas...the trickiest part was the layering bit.

  They actually make quilt batting now from recycled soda bottles...who knew?  (I do, now...) and it seems to be just fine for stitching. I have quilted one block and must persist...

In the meantime, a lovely walking iris (neomarica gracilis) blooming in the garden