Thursday, May 9, 2013


Meanwhile, there has been some unusual activity here...

I have pieced and hand quilted one or two quilts in my day.  Several years ago I undertook piecing a quilt top for a son and it's been sitting around.  I finally finished putting the blocks together (10" blocks from Keepsake Quilting, no cutting required) and got a quilting frame for Christmas...the trickiest part was the layering bit.

  They actually make quilt batting now from recycled soda bottles...who knew?  (I do, now...) and it seems to be just fine for stitching. I have quilted one block and must persist...

In the meantime, a lovely walking iris (neomarica gracilis) blooming in the garden

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  1. Hi Wendy, I'm glad there is a use for the excess soda pop bottles (never drink the stuff personally). I used to quilt and have a log cabin all blocked but not pieced. Your Iris is spectacular :-) Hope you are enjoying the Spring.