Saturday, December 11, 2010

Camellias, holiday knitting rush

One of the lovely things about South Carolina is the camellias.  In previous years, the deer ate the buds and leaves off of the two that I have. My backyard deer traffic has lessened in the last couple of years as a major auto thorofare was  built a little ways behind my house;  I will gladly trade some traffic noise for camellia blossoms.  One of mine started blooming in November.  I believe it's Camellia japonica and might be Pink Perfection but here she is

I have another variety that is red with double blossoms that should bloom next month.  If you want to see some lovely and more varied camellia photos, visit Pixie's blog

Knitting time is slim this month, here is progress on nephew's sweater "Alex" from Noro Kids:  almost done, sleeves about 50% complete.  Ordering zipper today.


  1. What a lovely blue, and a zipper- you are brave!!

  2. Hi, Wendi,
    I enjoyed catching up on your blog . . .the Noro Kids sweater is very cute . . . and I love the camellia!