Monday, August 29, 2011


I am VERY DELIGHTED that Ninja Jen of Knitting History has another podcast up!  It's at podbean although I get mine via itunes.  I am a big fan of hers, and frankly she has the best music of all podcasters...I am a devoted knitting podcast listener although sometimes I've been known to listen to casts from Walter Edgar, South Carolina's preeminant historian, and also The People's Pharmacy.  Someone I know really likes the ScienceFriday podcasts, "SciFri" if you're in the know.

Here is a photo that I like, more shetland...

And here is another

Almost done with the project this is being used for.

Here are some garden photos from this week:

Zinneas do incredibly well in my garden at this time of year, in the SC heat 

 Lantana, the butterflies like it

Ginger,  No, I don't eat it, but it smells a little like gardenias, a fragrance which I love.  This likes the shade.

Everything else in the garden is looking hot and starting to be brown.  

I must say that I am glad we did not need to deal with a hurricane.  However,  I have my plywood and double headed nails to board up the windows if need be.  And a teenaged son to help me do it!

I am hard at work on completing some lace shawls and feeling guilty that holiday knitting isn't on my list of stuff to do yet...

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