Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vermont Roots

My family has roots in Vermont.  The devastation from Hurricane Irene hit close to a house which was in my family since the 1880's, in Northfield Falls. (I no longer have family living there).  I tried to find some photos of the front of our former home on Route 12, but can't quickly, time is of the essence, as you'll read below!

There are three covered bridges over Cox Brook in Northfield Falls.  

 Wikipedia conveniently has an entry about one of the bridges, photo above.

 Here is a youtube video of one of the bridges as I recall walking through many times as a child, an adult, and a parent with my boys

I swam in the cold, clear Cox Brook as a child.  Boy, was it ever cold!

And here, a youtube video of the raging Cox Brook during Irene

Here is a press release on the damage to one of the  bridges, I think the third and last bridge on this dirt road to Moretown, Vermont.

As a younger woman living in the Northeast, I would often drive up to visit my Grandma Helen (the one who taught me how to knit) in "the Falls".  I would often stop at Green Mountain Spinnery, conveniently located at exit 4 off I-89, in Putney.

The Spinnery is donating profits on sales from now until September 11th to Vermonters who have suffered from being in Irene's path.  Paula of Knitting Pipeline mentioned that she had gotten some Simply Fine from the Spinnery, and she had nice things to say about it.  So, I decided to get some, in the natural dark.  I love my colors, but am beginning to be drawn to naturals.  And I do love a mohair blend for some lace!

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  1. I saw a movie with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep
    and such a bridge. It was great. I guess they ´ll rebuilt it. But it is not the same.