Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekend in Tallahassee

I was lucky to go to Tallahassee last weekend.  Lots of time for knitting, reading, and some computer work.

I took myself on a little yarn crawl, to Really Knit Stuff, which is in a little community of artsy places.  For a minute as I drove in I thought I was in old Christiania in Copenhagen!  

They had a nice selection;  I got some sock blanks for dying.  Very clever to have 2 strands to dye so that both socks turn out the same! Not quite sure how I am going to use this...well, or really, how to dye it...

Then on to Wooly Bully.

Ate some excellent Thai and Indian food this weekend.

On our way out, drove out thru Miccosukee Road in to the country

We don't have "canopy road" signs like this in SC but we need them; we have lots of roads with lovely live oaks

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  1. I Love Indian and Thai food.
    I am hoping to pick up some yarn when I am in Amsterdam and eat some Indonesian Kip Sate.