Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vibration Knitting

So, a long time ago I bought yarn from Mostly Merino at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Fest.   It's a heavy worsted, about 4 stitches to the inch and I also purchased a sweater pattern for it.  Didn't start it.  As we know, merinos have a history in Vermont.  And interestingly, I had traveled to this farm a long time ago as a day trip during a workshop at Green Mountain Spinnery. 

In 2006, after moving to South Carolina, I found a cool triangular shawl pattern with intriguing shaping, done in a cone, actually, neatly guessed it....purling in stranded colorwork!!  It came from Sheep to Shawl by Patricia Kim for Philosopher's Wool.  Construction involved starting on 4 needles then moving to a circ, with 2 increases per row at the edges.   Once done, there is a steek to stitch up and cut, to open up the triangle. I decided to repurpose the lovely merino and wool blend for this heavy shawl.  It's the kilim shawl, here's the pattern

I decided this year to try to finish some old FO's, of which this is one.  It actually was almost done; there are 5 different colors.  As there were different amounts of each color, there has been some spontaneous "vibration" use of the in I used what seemed to work at the moment...

I am having fun doing an icord at the top

 It will be a big blanket of a shawl...after it's steek is steeked and the fringe applied

And in other news, here's a new offering at youtube

why is it that this IMMEDIATELY reminded me of the killer rabbit in Monty Python and The Holy Grail...?

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  1. That was a funny video of the sheepherding bunny wasn't it!!
    Philosopher's Wool is not too far from my area and they are at all the Knitting Shows. Be glad you aren't using their yarn though as it is somewhat scratchy.