Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tire Cozy? Tire Doily?

So last weekend it was off to Clemson U for "family weekend," e.g., check out that your freshman is doing OK...

When I got my Rav4 last year, I thought that a cool spare tire cover would be neat, maybe something that said something about knitting.  So, I went searching the internet.  To my surprise, I found several crocheted tire cozies online and traced them back to some clever ladies at Ravelry.  I did not find a knitted one in my search.  I had just finished a circular shawl and realized that one of those patterns would work.  I chose the Firmaments shawl.

When son B decided on Clemson, (and vice versa), it was obvious that orange would be the color.

When I finished it, it did not fit.  (I was trying hard to get it to fit on 'round about midnight the night before the drive up...).  A little orange duct tape is hidden from this view, but attests to the face that I need to get another skein or two of Bernat Super Saver in orange to complete it.  It was held doubled for this project. 

On arrival, another family member said that the little diamonds looked like tiger paws. I hadn't even realized it!

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  1. That really makes a statement creative LOL!!!!