Saturday, February 9, 2013

V is for...low knitting content and origami valentines

Well, yeah we all know what "holiday" is  this upcoming week, but there are two V's that I'm thinking about lately.  The first one is Viking knit weave.  This is a jewelry technique possible done by the REAL vikings and which is basically a way of doing  what one might call an metal.

I have  a thing about green bracelets on my left wrist.  Love green and shiny things. Being a window shopper at etsy (the pun just came out, sorry) I saw a viking knit weave bracelet.  Didn't purchase (go me!). 

However, I did a little more googling and found a youtube video on how to do it. The video had been provided by a wise jewelry company complete with a supply list from their store!  Well, I had to try this.  I ordered the equipment that I didn't have. Here's the result (done in 26 gauge Artistic Wire) and another work in progress

Here's the how-to video

I adapted the project a bit but oh is this fun. There will be more! I've been trying knitting with various types of wire this year none of which had really worked terribly well except for this.  I am continuing to fiddle, however.

The second V is indeed for valentine.  Here is my favorite valentine, origami-style, a few of which I made and sent this week. 

Here are directions on youtube (thanks to Francis)

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  1. I really like the look of the weaving with the wire!
    You like shiny things....are you a Gemini LOL!