Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wolle's shawl and Sheepy Birthday Art

I finished Heaven Scent by Boo Knits.  It is lovely in the Wolle's that was gifted to me by Deb!

Now I am not a big fan of cotton yarn but this is very pretty.  I did have a very difficult time reading the lace and keeping track of where I was. And I'm not sure what I did at the top border but it's very tight…next time perhaps…read the directions a little more closely!

Why yes, it is my birthday week.  Expletive deleted.  I gifted myself with some art that I had seen in Wales: 

This is by Helen Elliott, spotted on a wall in one of our lovely accommodations.  Thank you again, Joyce James. It is 12 x 12 and I just love it. You can commission one yourself at  Helen's website

It goes well with the mermaid theme in my bathroom…

And then, to my surprise, my Mom and Dad gave me a painting by a local artist,  Emily Watson. The scene is from Chincoteague.  I love this one too!