Sunday, October 5, 2014

Afghans for Afghans or…nothing like a deadline...

You may recall that there was a dyeing effort earlier this year to dye some fiber for Afghans for Afghans knitting so that there would be no white yarn with which to knit. 

In late summer, I somehow recalled that S, J and I had been working on Mary's yarn for Afghans for Afghans, and I decided to check the DEADLINE!  Why yes…September 8th (I think I figured this out around or about Aug 31st.

So  I had completed some items but not yet sewn them up…on the 31st J kept me company while I wielded the sewing machine to sturdily do my finishing.  Socks and mittens were favored over hats...Here are results

Two needle socks with seam on top

Two Needle Cable Mittens  (quite love this pattern, wish I lived somewhere cold so I could knit them for myself!)

And here is the poignant part…Mary had started to knit an Irish sweater (source of the rest of the yarn) before she became ill. I stitched up the 14" of the bottom of the sweater (all that she had knit) into a hat sort of shape. Later that week I used some commercial dye on it, so that it would not be "white." It definitely lost some of it's creamy white Irish yarn loveliness, but it will be used by someone who needs it this winter!


Below is a pattern that I "unvented" (thanks, Elizabeth Z) using not Mary's yarn, but some lovely handspun pink stuff that I bought at the Saturday farmer's market in Montpelier Vermont, long before all the other states including mine were doing it, plus some churro handspun. For a little girl, perhaps...

Here is someone (J?) being a bit silly

Sent off in the nick of time…but there is  more  yarn for next year!

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