Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nuno One

Janice and I went to SAFF...the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival in Asheville last October.  Had a grand time!

I did a class on nuno felting...I will confess that I didn't really understand nuno when I signed up. However, I certainly did by the end of the class!  Essentially, nuno is a process by which fibers, usually wool, are manually worked in to a somewhat open weave fabric, often silk.

My friend Margo  is an incredible fiber artist and I probably learned just the word "nuno" from meeting Margo two years ago.

So, the class...felting, as I had suspected, is a significant calorie burner.

I had chosen a greenish colored silk scarf as my base, which was placed on a long piece of plastic pool covering. I had chosen  green and blue merino fibers and some white silk accents to "mesh" into the silk.  The merino fibers were lightly layered or "shingled" on  the silk scarf.

A mesh covering was place over the scarf and the soapy rubbing began. We rubbed about 18 inches of scarf at a time, After the wool fibers appeared on the other side of the silk, the next 18 inches was rubbed. Once all done, the scarf was rolled up and tied and the rolling began. Not sure how many rolls...maybe 800. 

Here is the result wet

And dry