Thursday, April 9, 2015

In search of my Grandmother's Yarn...Denmark Part 8 I've said before, some of my forebears came from Langeland, in Denmark. And as a shawl knitter, I must wonder what breed of sheep my grandmothers shawls were knit from?  

The answer is still a research project, however...I did actually find a local yarn store in Rudkobing which made me quite happy...LundGarn

Part of the reason for happiness is that I discovered that one of the few spinneries left in Denmark is close to Langeland in Svendborg, just over the bridge. It's Hjelholts.   Hjelholts sources it's Gotland wool from Denmark and Sweden. It is blended with some merino from the Falklands. The wool is three shades of gray and colors are dyed over either very light, medium or dark gray, depending on the color to be dyed. Of course they give tours and of course, I missed visiting. The spinnery is on the list for the next trip! I saw their yarn in shops throughout Denmark. 

This is their Farvestkiftegarn, color changing yarn, purchased at Lundgarn, all single ply fingering weight

Here is a skein of their color changing yarn with a coordinating solid. 

These two are double plied fingering weight, purchased elsewhere in Denmark, I think the orange was from a shop in Roskilde

And here I am at the marina-hotel in Rudkobing,  our favorite accommodation. I am perhaps contemplating my next project...and whether Grandma's shawl was knit from Gotland

Here are a few sheep in Troenekoer near the church, couldn't get close enough to see if they were Gotland...

A shot of the bakery in Troenekoer, I believe. We got some awesome treats there....

And here are some views from Langeland

And here are Icelandic poppies blooming in my yard yesterday