Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vikings in the Attic

So some years ago I read a book called  Confederates in the Attic

I pretty much came up with the idea that these reenactor people, while yes they are having fun, learning history, and channeling their ancestors, are by and large a  wee bit off.  (The book however is great and I recommend it). 

Recently however I found this video which helped to explain another aspect of why one might wish to be a reenactor...and a Viking.  Self realization without the violance...   

Actually the preceding video popped up when I was watching   Lois Swales's videos on youtube

I have been reading Helene's blog for a long time...she and her family do Viking Reenacting in Norway

Of course, I am interested in how fibers were made into yarn and fabric before the Industrial Revolution  so I'm off to find a Viking Spindle on Etsy, perhaps here

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