Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sankt Hans - Treasure Island Shawl

Thanks to a Danish friend, I learned that  Sankt Hans (Saint John's) Day, is June 23rd. It is of course the name day for St. John.  It is conveniently timed with the summer solstice on June 21st, (and allowed early Christians to co-opt yet another pagan celebration!!).  Danes celebrate with a bonfire and a party.  Here is more information on the celebration courtesy of the Museum of Danish America.

I found this inspiring video on youtube, featuring a song sung at the midsommer bonfire, with lyrics by poet-artist Holger Drachmann, and a beautiful montage of paintings by the Skagen artists

I celebrated Sankt Hans by completing blocking of my Treasure Island Shawl. I had almost finished it two years ago when my family and I went to Denmark, it then took me two more years to complete the knit on lace edging!  I'm very pleased. 

Happy Solstice to all!!

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