Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Danish in Alberta

I was lucky to visit my friend Barb in Edmonton in June. We did a driving trip south which included a visit to Dickson, Alberta, halfway between Edmonton and Calgary. We visited the Danish Canadian Museum, of which Barb is now a board member!

The Danish emigrated to Alberta in several waves.  Many emigrated from the western US, not just Denmark. Here is the main building 

There were beautiful mementos of fiber arts, including bobbin lace

and several impressive needlepoint chairs that were brought from Denmark (who had time to needlepoint once on this continent and needing to start a farm??)

this is a needlepointed and beaded midwife's bag

this handsome suit brings Hans Christian Anderson to mind...

When Grandma and Grandpa (Mormor og Bedstefar) were no longer, their Bibles were donated to the museum, which hasn a impressive library collection

We also visited the Dickson Store Museum. The Christiansen family who started the store were emigrants who arrived via Nebraska.  There was some delicious ice cream to be had here!

The Christiansens lived above the store

Of course I could not resist photos of the old Singer, which was made in 1899, according to this useful website. (After 1900 Singers had a letter prefix). I cannot locate where it was made, however. The letter prefixes after 1900 indicate location.

Greetings from Denmark!

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