Monday, December 4, 2017

Glittens...half glove half mitten

So proud of my son who loves flyfishing. In that regard,  I decided that he needed some flip top mittens for this activity in the winter. 

I found the "glitten" pattern. The yarn is Donegal Yarns Soft Donegal 2 ply, purchased at O'Maille's Original House of Style,  in Galway, during my trip  to Ireland last year. 

The pattern is here, and is free   

I used a snap to fasten the flip top to the cuff. 

My son also is  figuring out how to tie flies.  So the question an olive wooly bugger really an insect?  Nope, apparently not all flies are flies...some imitate baitfish and are "swum" /waved around below the surface of the water...who knew?

Here is my son's olive wooly bugger

What I know for certain is that fly tieing is a fiber art...

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