Monday, January 3, 2011

Love-Hate Sock Knitting

A long, long time ago, like in 1980, I said out loud once that I wanted my sock drawer to contain all hand knit socks.  At that time, I knit socks from scratchy 100% wool.  Nothing else was readily available.   (I've done so many socks that I have the formula in my head, although I'm lousy at getting the fit perfect).

Then, the holes started.  I persisted.  Eventually I knew that there was better sock yarn out there, and I sometimes used it.  But, I stumbled on Yarn Harlot's Koigu socks, and started in on those.  Can't locate the original post to show you, that was a while back too.  I probably did 4 pair of koigu socks, comfy and great under Birkenstocks.  More and plentiful holes.   For example (under the ball of the foot/metatarsal heads)

Yes, you know, you can wear them with holes under Birkenstocks.  But really, Koigu has better uses.  (There's some in the stash for a shawl/stole).

One sock concept that I have done was highly successful.  Beth Brown Reinsel's little books for Scandinavian themed socks. Obviously, this is me and we know where this is going with the Scandinavia theme;  be it lusekofte, fana, or ullared, I love them all.

 Oops, I didn't do the lusekofte.

I used Brown Sheep Wildfoote for these and they are going strong, although I wear them sparingly.   I highly recommend the Wildefoote.

They would make awesome Christmas stockings.

While the shaping is fun, and I do love the sock yarn that changes color, I've tired of sock knitting for now, at least for myself.

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