Saturday, February 19, 2011

Istex and Lopi Lace Weight

I got a scanner  for Christmas with the intent of scanning old family photos for my records.  (I  believe that online and digital storage media will replace those genealogy trees recorded on crunchy brittle old pieces of paper, and want to get information in newer format for my boys, when they turn 50 and go through the middle-years-genealogy-discovery-developmental-stage).  

At any rate, I'm also having fun scanning fiber-y photos that I can't locate in digital storage and just did some from a trip to Istex in Iceland. 

Here is part of the story, reproduced from an earlier post:

I was lucky to go to Iceland in the summer of 2006. I dragged my poor Mom on the bus out of Reykjavik to Mossfellsbaer to the Istex store. It was a little desolate, no signs like “this way to Lopi” or anything, just the two of us alone on a bus in a foreign country where the driver spoke some non-Germanic language and no English, no wonder Mom was nervous, I was a little too but the call of the fiber soothed me…. once there, I found this great lace weight which I hadn’t seen before. The store is great and the ladies most helpful, after we finished shopping they gave us a ride in the Alafoss Lopi logo bus to Halldor Laxness’ sort of nearby home-museum, he is Iceland’s Nobel Laureate for fiction. I’d highly recommend the trip out of Reykjavik to go there, lovely shop, lots to look at for us fiber junkies and really at-the-source. Maybe now the bus has an ad for it!  

It was only a 40 minute bus ride, I should add.

Here we are in front of the store, which was amazing 


Lopi logo bus with sweet driver

 I knit a peacock tail lace stole which is a little short from Lopi lace weight

 I do love the ostrich plume lace

The ostrich plume is also in the feather duster shawl which is in my Ravelry queue.

Here again is the Wing O the Moth also from Lopi lace weight

Halldor Laxness is a challenging read, perhaps he needs a new translation of his novels;  his characters have difficult lives, but his writing has plenty of humor as well.  When I asked a librarian friend who reads everything if she'd read any of his novels, she just laughed.  Don't let that stop you from trying.


  1. Iceland is definitely a place I would like to go. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I would luv to visit Iceland! Someday I hope :-)
    Never tried laceweight Lopi...I hope it feels much softer. Is it made with just the Thel part of the fleece? Would luv to see more of your pics if you have them!

  3. i loved iceland--but was a non-knitter when i went...maybe next time ;)