Saturday, February 26, 2011

Garter Lace Frustration

OK so I think that this may be too much for me at this time, or maybe just the wrong combination of stuff.  I frogged this at least 5 times at the beginning.  I was still having a hard time seeing the pattern with the dark, slippery yarn.  After about 20 rows I felt I was getting the hang of it.  But...just now, I thought I would do 2 more rows before taking a photo to post, and  dropped a stitch.  Couldn't recover, frogged back 5 rows, I think.  It may be time to put this away till frustration subsides.

On the other hand, you may be able to tell that I have a new camera.  Photography inclined sons talked me in to a new Nikon digital SLR.  Don't ask me details, I haven't gotten beyond the quick start sheet.  But it takes a fine photo.

 B took that.

Another nice thing, it's spring here in SC. Hope you have spring soon, too.


  1. Narcissus...reminds me of Holland :-)
    No spring here, just more snow!

  2. No spring here either, but nice to see flowers.

  3. Great photos. congratulations with your new camera. As for garter and lace:Not all projects are meant to be ;)