Friday, March 4, 2011

Garter Lace Shawl Recovery

OK, so I've had an idea.  I'm going to abandon the Wild West shawl for now, and do something simpler. I've started a plain triangular garter shawl.

I'm planning on finishing the bottom of the shawl with a very simple garter lace pattern and lace border that I can intuit easily.  I am hoping that it will look a little like a traditional Faroese natural brown yarn/garter lace combination, although not with Faroese shaping.

I love the addi turbo I'm working on...go get some if you don't have any...I usually use a wooden needle with a slipperier yarn like this one, but it's a good combination.  I'm hooked.

In the meantime, here's a bit more spring for you.  The only poem I know by heart is this one

                                                  Loveliest of Trees

LOVELIEST of trees, the cherry now
Is hung with bloom along the bough,
And stands about the woodland ride
Wearing white for Eastertide.
Now, of my threescore years and ten,        
Twenty will not come again,
And take from seventy springs a score,
It only leaves me fifty more.
And since to look at things in bloom
Fifty springs are little room, 
About the woodlands I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow.

                                                 A.E. Housman

The ornamental cherry trees are in full bloom here in the low country of South Carolina

I love an allée don't you?

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  1. Beautiful poem. I read it aloud as poems are supposed to and sensed the melancholy. Our cherry blossoms bloom in May.Something to look forward to.