Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crack Silk Haze

I thank my friend Nancy for informing me not long after I met her in Scotland in 2009 that I was working with not "Kid Silk Haze" but something more commonly known as "crack silk haze" due to high rates of physiologic addiction.  At the time I was working on this:

Evelyn A. Clark's Shetland Triangle Shawl,  a good choice for this trip considering that we went to Shetland.  It is done in fir cone lace, the same as this scarf from a previous post. Of course, most Shetland shawls are squares, so Evelyn's is aptly named.

I put some dainty little beads on the border.  Hard to notice them.  I'm sure I threaded them on, it was before I knew how to use a crochet hook to get them on.  I doubled the yarn on this to make it easier to work with, also so I could blend a little between colors.

Nancy had finished the Modern Quilt Wrap 

from it.  Also quite marvelous.  Apparently the pattern is free

I decided after this shawl that I could probably handle one strand.  I now have two more crack silk haze projects going, and am almost done with one.  Here's a preview:

 You know, cats easily get addicted to crack silk haze too

Camellia in bloom as of last week


  1. I can understand the addiction to Kid Silk crack! it makes such etheral lace and the colours look very saturated.

  2. I actually think I remember that shawl, and was so awhhed by it, not having yet been addicted. But now ... you do great work Wendy.

  3. The colors you have chosen for the shawl are so lovely together. Evelyn Clark :)) It is always a pleasure to work her shawls patterns. I see nupps on your preview. Estonian Lace, perhaps!!