Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fir Cone Scarf

When I lived in Riverdale-On-Hudson, yes it's part of the Bronx, in New York City, I used to drive up to Morehouse Farm in the Hudson Valley. They had an open farm day and maybe still do. I recall driving up one autumn with my friend Margie and watching the sheep being sheared by a guy from New Zealand with an an accent and everything. How his back did it, I don't know. There was a excess of unhealthy spinal flexion going on as he simultaneously wrastled the animal and sheared with electric clippers. Morehouse Farm has had a website for a few years, so now I can go visit online.

Visiting this farm gave me my first taste of a primary addiction of choice for both knitting and spinning, merino wool.

Just before I left to move to SC, I found some of the lovely merino in my stash. It must have been frogged from another project, as there were MANY connecting knots in it. Nevertheless, I found a lace scarf pattern from Interweave that I had done before, and started in. This fir cone design is my favorite of the three scarves, as the pattern naturally forms a pointed border on either side.

I finished the scarf and being lazy of course, did not weave in the multiple ends. It had been gracing a buffet table in my front hall with the loose ends on the underside where no one could see. Two weeks ago, I decided to end that phase, and sat down and wove them all in. Then I washed and reblocked. It is now destined to be a holiday gift for a dear friend, who shall remain nameless in case she is lurking here.

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