Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wing'O the Moth

I finished Anne's Wing 'O The Moth several months ago but today finally a good friend did a lovely photograph for me, worthy of posting. I love anything to do with moths or butterflies or bees, which was the initial pull.

Here's the story of the yarn; a bit of a duplicate from Ravelry (sorry):
I was lucky to go to Iceland (and Greenland, another story) in the summer of 2006. I dragged my poor Mom on the bus out of Reykjavik to Mossfellsbaer to the Istex store. It was a little desolate, no signs like “this way to Lopi” or anything, just the two of us alone on a bus in a foreign country where the driver spoke some non-Germanic language and no English, no wonder Mom was nervous, I was a little too but the call of the fiber soothed me…. I found this great lace weight which I hadn’t seen before. The store is great and the ladies most helpful, after we finished shopping they gave us a ride in the Lopi logo bus to Halldor Laxness’ sort of nearby home-museum, he is Iceland’s Nobel Laureate for fiction. I’d highly recommend the trip out of Reykjavik to go there, lovely shop, lots to look at for us fiber junkies and really at-the-source. Maybe now the bus has an ad for it!

I love the yarn: Loðband Einband. It's crunchy and easy to knit in lace weight. I screwed up the border (sorry, Anne) but like the little peaks.

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