Saturday, August 7, 2010

Laminaria: An FO

I am a big fan of Elizabeth Freeman's designs and happily finished Laminaria on Thursday. I sent a photo to a friend who described it as "fractal!" Now, I'm not smart enough to determine the relationship between fractals and shawls, this or any other, but Ms. Freeman who describes herself on Knitty as a "number cruncher" might like that concept.

The yarn is Shibuiknits merino sock, an impulse purchase from Wild Fibre in Savannah. I was seduced by the colors. Yeah, I ran outa yarn and smushed the final rows together, so the lovely edge of the original design isn't there.

Photos of me and Laminaria taken at Skull Creek, Hilton Head Island, Friday, August 6.


  1. I can see the fractals, as well. Your shawl is gorgeous.

  2. Mette,

    thanks for your fractal feedback! I need to think more on this.