Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Road Knitting

I had a lovely weekend, on the road to visit Charleston SC (about 90 minutes away) and Folly Beach, just outside of Charleston.

I like to knit in the car but need something easy, as this really nice guy I know was driving. (I also keep knitting in the car during the work day, in case I need a knitting fix while parked, or happen on to a really long red light).  I am working on this

It's a center square for another hap shawl, but no patterning.  I will keep this one in the car so it may be a long time to the finish...

The yarn is the  beautiful Mountain Colors.   This yarn is River Twist, its supposed to look like handspun.  This yarn is 2 ply 100% merino and lovely and springy and soft.  A joy to work with.  I do love a springy kinda wool to knit with.  They have more yarns than last year, and the Winter Lace wool-silk blend in laceweight is calling to me...

Here are some pix from the Folly Beach

Laughing gulls (larus atricilla) flanked by 
ringed-bill gulls (larus delawarensis)

A larger view with pale blue ocean

Loved this "shell trader  take one, leave one"

Common Sand pipers  (Actitis hypoleucos)

 Big jellyfish, couldn't id, didn't touch it or eat it...


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  1. Thank you for those lovely photos. They Look so much like the Danish North Sea. It took me a moment to find out what a shell trader is and it made my heart warm. We have also long red lights. I can skin a banana and eat it. Have not knitted, though:)