Thursday, January 12, 2012

Glove palms and a doll

OK, so we went to Charleston (that's SC) for an overnight during the holiday and visited the Charleston  City Market.  There was a Peruvian lady there selling alpaca handknits...the boys each bought a chullo in natural colors, and R got a pair of gloves.  

Thinking that perhaps the gloves needs some palmar traction,  I purchased some mitten palms from Halcyon Yarn (the only place I could find them, I actually made a purchase there a long time ago during a visit to Maine), shortened them a bit, put some additional holes in with a hammer and a small nail, and sewed them on...voila!

I am having way too much fun birthing a Theodora (also available here)...

She has brown hair (like me). I like not being bored while I knit (e.g. I prefer no vast wastelands of garter or stockinette...) and like a lace pattern. Similarly, with doll knitting,  there's lots of shaping to do  to keep me busy.  Thanks, Helene!!  I suspect that various family members (me, my Mom, my little neice) will all want one, so I suspect more Theodoras will follow...

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