Monday, April 2, 2012

Another personal vintage item

With the wild popularity of Downton Abbey (no, I certainly was not immune) I was sure that lace blouses would make a comeback this year.  I think I was right...check out some spring catalogs of women's wear.  (In case you've living in a cave, you can still watch  this year's episodes of Downton Abbey at, click on "watch video" and search for Masterpiece Theater).

So, I was lucky that my sister returned this sweater to me.  I guess at one point I  must have given it to her.  I knit it in the early 90's and darned if it doesn't still fit.

The pattern is from a wonderful book entitled Classic British Knits: 40 Traditional patterns from England, Scotland and Ireland,  by Madeline Weston, published in 1986.  (There is another edition that has the same patterns entitled The Traditional Sweater Book).  (I am not up on my politics but do the Irish not dislike being called "British"?)

This is a very nice book with lovely examples of the different types of knitting found through the British Isles...ganseys, fair isles, some lace, and my beloved hap shawl, with patterns for all.

Once upon a time, I knit lots and lots of sweaters on really tiny needles, and this is one of them.  This has fountain lace in between a simple cable.  I am not sure what the yarn is, but I'm pretty sure that it's a mercerized cotton in sport weight, it might be Joseph Galler, I'm not sure.  I still have a sample of the yarn.  It's tough but soft.  

The sweater still fits, I am wearing it these days with a cami underneath. 


  1. It's a lovely sweater Wendy.
    I prefer knitting sweaters on smaller needles too :-)

  2. I have the series here at Thule and I too enjoy the costumes as in all good BBC TV/films. Very nice romantic blouse from the right decade and I'm sure you look both feminine and preppy wearing it. :)Bettina