Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More spring

The garden and yard have a lot of my attention this week

I love my iris

In other news, my friend Linda gave me a bag of cleaned soft underbelly fur from her pup, Isabelle.   It smells like doggie shampoo. Sammie investigates

The fibers are very short, about an inch.  The fiber will need to be carded and rolled on to puni's before spinning, both of which I need more practice at.  I have done this with cat fur before but not dog fur.

I had a nice weekend with lots of road knitting time as my son and I motored  to upstate SC and back. The baby sweater didn't go as planned, I changed patterns, here we are so far

It will be a little hoodie with buttons up the front.  I modified the pattern to do it in the round, my strategy.  A description of the pattern is here;  it's free although one must sign in to Bernat to get it.


  1. Your garden is so lovely Wendy. You must really enjoy it!!
    What kind of dog did that pretty fur come from?
    I have also tried spinning some of my white cat's fur but it is very short (though soft) and easily felts.

  2. Hi Jody

    Isabelle is a mutt! It will be a while till I get to it. I have spun some cat fur, kind of like angora. We'll see..