Thursday, July 12, 2012

When in doubt ... try a hap

I don't really like variegated yarns for clothing...but sometimes I succomb to a purchase, because it's so lovely, and then I sit and look at it and think..."that would be lousy in a sweater but I LOVE it".

So in recent times these have wound up as square hap shawls...based on my center square pattern, minus the cat's paw lace.

for example, this fabulous stuff from Mountain Colors River River Twist, lovely soft merino.

Here's the evolving diamond-which-will-be-a square

And then there's this one:  my sister  bought yarn several years ago when she was in Skye (she beat me to Scotland by a couple of years). She doesn't know where she bought it or what type of sheep ...  it is very pretty, natural I'm sure, in natural white with brown mixed in...way too itchy for a sweater which was her original plan.  I am wondering whether it was Scottish Black Face.

 (I took this photo in Scotland).

 After she gifted it to me it sat at my house for a couple of years.  Sometimes, I have to wait for inspiration for what-to-do-with-stash yarns...and of course it  finally hit me...another hap. As a blanket it won't need to be next-to-the-skin soft. Using it in a traditional Scottish pattern would only be right.  This hap blanket will be a gift to my sister.

These projects tend to be car knitting for me. I work out of my car and sometimes must sit at traffic lights for 5-8 minutes.  In the afternoons particularly I am antsy to get home, and just grab the garter stitch project such as one of these that stays in the car. 

Both will wind up with an old shale border whenever they get done.

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