Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I knit my sis a sweater a couple of years ago.  The pattern was from an old issue of Knitter's.  Warm, warm, too warm for SC...knit from Lopi.

 It was totally wrong for my sis!  After it sat in the closet, unworn, I decided to give it to a charity. Here is the group, Smallwater, that I am donating the sweater to.  

There's been a lot of baking around here this season.  My new MO is to do the dough cycle in the bread machine, then oven bake.  

Stollen ...I soaked the fruit in some rum to get it a little closer to Grandma's recipe.  (I have researched and it appears that my family's traditional German stollen is about the same as Danish Julekake.)

Swedish cardamom bread

Cinnamon buns  for hungry boys (rolled and kept unbaked in fridge, pulled out 4 in the evening to rise and baked in the am;  the yeast didn't lose it's juju until day 5...take that, Pillsbury!)

Happy New Year!!

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  1. There is nothing that smells as good as fresh bread and your Stollen looks delicious. I love the almond paste in my Christmas breads. That stuff is soooo yummy. Never tried the Cardamom in bread but do love the taste so I bet that is a fabulous tasting loaf and so pretty.
    Happy New Year Wendy!