Friday, September 6, 2013

Another hap

So...someone to whom I'm related doesn't read my blog, so it makes no difference that I post something regarding her Christmas gift...

She travelled in Skye a couple of years ago and bought some yarn.  It is an itchy business...she couldn't tell me where exactly she's gotten it.

She tried to knit something with it, no luck, and "gifted" it to me.

My inclination was to do another a gift back to her.

I doubled the yarn.  The yarn is cream with some brown.  Makes me think of Scottish Blackface.  Who the heck knows...

I knit a hap square, and added churro handspun from Cassie to do the "traditional"  feather and fan lace border.  Luckily the natural colors look OK together.

You know, on a cold night with no central heating, this would be quite warm!  It's 4" by 4'


  1. Hi Wendy,
    It's getting that time of year already when we need something warm and cozy to throw around the shoulders and your shawl looks perfect for that :-)
    Believe it or not I am wearing my wool socks this morning.

  2. Hi Jody

    Still in shorts need for wool! I'm a bit jealous!