Sunday, September 22, 2013

Northwoods Farm, my "local" alpaca farm

My LYS is 30 minutes away (I think that's a long ride...) and I have no local local sheep or fiber farms, seeing as how I live in a fairly hot climate (that would be gardening zone 8...).

Several months ago my brother moved from western North Carolina to upstate South Carolina.  He called me excitedly and said "Wendy, there are llamas on a farm nearby!"  I assured him that the animals were probably alpacas not llamas.  The name of the place is Northwoods Farm.

On a visit to see him recently I went to see the alpacas.

I think that this is a group of youngsters. 

 I knew that there was a yarn shop there as well, I figured that it was a small shop selling wool from their animals.

WRONG!  Teri's shop is a vast cavelike treasure trove of fibers and equipment.

Teri also offers many classes, check her out on Facebook.

However, I stuck local, and bought some alpaca spun from their flock

Lovely stuff...will find a project soon for this


  1. I have always wanted to make a trip up to Northwoods! Those alpaca are just so dang cute :)

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Alpaca has always been my favourite fibre to spin and knit. I love a fine, crimpy Cria and Hubbert Farms has exquisite fleece!
    Right now I am sorting thru the spring clip in order to get 40 lbs ready for a sock order. The Cria fleeces are too messy for the Mills so they go into my stash. I have light and dark Rose grey, a superfine honey coloured one and several merino-like crimpy white fleeces. Just began spinning the light Rose grey with some type B Pygora roving from a lovely breeder on Ravelry :-)