Sunday, November 24, 2013

Old School

So an old friend of mine dropped by last week,  that was lovely as he and his wife don't live nearby.

He mentioned that he still had a sweater that I knit for him some years ago (!)  I couldn't  believe that he still had it!   He was most gracious and said that it was one of only two handknit sweaters that he owned.  Of  course, I asked him to send me a photo.  Here it is

I could not recall the pattern or the yarn although I suspected that it was Candide yarn…I knit at least a couple of sweaters from this yarn back in the 70's.

I located the pattern quickly at Ravelry

Umm it's the Candide Raglan Herringbone pullover. 

Apparently, according to Ravelry, this tough, long wearing yarn is no longer available through Reynolds, but is still being produced by Briggs and Little under the name  "Atlantic."  

"Back in the day" as some would say, great yarn would last a while...

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