Thursday, November 14, 2013

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fest

I went to SAFF in Asheville last month.  I don't have alot of this type of event where I's too hot here for anything but hair sheep that shed when the weather turns warm, save Carrie and Kurt in Hampton SC.  (However, someone I know spotted a local alpaca, but I haven't seen it).  So, SAFF was pretty darned fun.  Here are some views:




Yes, it's true, I want one.  I got to hold one …  puffy soft…I really seriously thought about coming home with one...

And, my friend Tamara…who led me down the garden path to indigo dyeing, which is truly a gateway addiction leading to more home chemistry experiments with natural dyes

I actually got to spin on this fabulous great wheel. An anonymous bystander actually talked me through the process…thank you, who ever you are!  This wheel was made by Lyle Wheeler of  I want one

Vendor mart…serious fun…can't wait till next year!


  1. I love fiber festivals...looks like so much fun Wendy :-) What did you get there hmmm??

  2. It so much fun to see you and chat for a bit! That spinning wheel!! Wow! I missed that somehow. There was just so much to see and do. I also want an angora bunny, but the kids have convinced me that the cats wouldn't like it. Boo.