Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas and Thoughts on Bernat's Classic Santa Stockings

Once Upon a Time…

Grandma Helen knit the her three grandchildren Chistmas stockings

here's mine

My sister decided to knit the same pattern for her family.  She knit one for her two children and for her husband, and kept her Grandma Helen original.  Santa's beard on hers had disintegrated.  The beard I believe was knit from an angora blend.  Here's my sister's, pre- repair

(This was very interesting to me as an acquaintance of mine just last month said that she herself had a classic hand knit holiday stocking in which the angora beard had disintegrated.  Must've been a feature from the original pattern with suggested yarns…)

The pattern was apparently published by Bernat in  1950 and re-released in the 70's.  

My sister tracked it down and bought a copy somewhere.  Heaven knows why Bernat isn't still publishing it as it seems that these are lovely vintage knitting that folks might spend money for...

I tried using duplicate stitch to fix the stocking, but holes were too big.  So, I watched a youtube video on darning and tried my best.  The replacement yarn?  That sturdy and rugged addictive Crack
Kid Silk Haze. 

Here's the repair…not great but Santa's beard should stay untact for a couple more years!

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