Friday, January 10, 2014

If You're Cold, Put on a WOOL Sweater

My Mom went to Scandinavia in 1999.  She visited Tanum in the north of Bohuslan on the west coast of Sweden.

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Tanum is the location of the Vitlycke Museum, location of bronze age rock carvings or if you want three syllables, "petroglyphs."

(They all kinda look like JarJarBinks, no?)

A clever knitter and designer created sweater patterns from them.

And a clever Mom knew to buy some. You know, while Brenda says "if you're cold, put on a sweater"…my Mom says "if you're cold, put on a WOOL sweater." I guess that in the Bronze age, one would say, "if you're cold, put on a FUR!"

There was a hat, too.  She also bought a kit for me to knit for my little (at the time) sons (in the darker gray)

And then…some folks who I am related to, including the woman who is smart about wool sweaters...showed up for Christmas this year

(note the hat)

So I noted the label in Mom's sweater and did a web search

I found the designer!  She is Cecilia Bergil of Goteborg. Here is Cecilia's blog:

Cecilia's blog is in Swedish but her English is great too.

She has kits for sale if you'd like one.  Or better yet, go to Vitlycke and buy one in person…!


  1. I hope you had a wonderful holiday Wendy. It always goes by so fast doesn't it!
    I will check out her blog. Love those sweaters :-))