Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Free Knitting Pattern: Square Hat

I had some lovely pinky handspun yarn hanging around for a long time. I purchased it at the Montpelier Farmer's market a way long time ago. Janice and I uncovered it when she helped me organize my stash this year. It was the late summer and we were working toward completing some projects for Afghans for Afghans.  So I came up with this, perhaps a girl's hat. The white is my churro handspun in 2 ply.

Here is the pattern, for free


I love that 2 x 2 thing.  It may have started with my love of the Amish square  patch quilt.  Here is one that I asked a friend to do,  a number of years ago. I knit her son a sweater (blue, raglan pullover) to swap.  I bought the Amish inspired fabric long long ago in New York...Kind of a circular thing as that friend grew up in Vermont....!

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