Friday, December 5, 2014

Skagen Part Two: Isager og Seyfarth Strik

So...driving into Skagen we passed this sign, it was COMPLETELY unexpected...

...Mariane Isager's shop, in Tversted. Well I confess that we were approaching from the other direction and I took this photo later. I knew I wanted to return and called them the next day to learn the hours (evidently I was so excited while driving by that I hadn't noticed "abent alle dage 11-7".

In the meantime, I HAD known that Christal Seyfarth had a shop in Skagen on the main street, some of which is foot traffic and bicycles only, as many towns and cities in Denmark have for their main "stroyet" 

I have always loved her beautiful stranded designs

 It was a bit overwhelming and I chose to not make a purchase...yet is her website

so two days later we did go to visit  Isager, website here She has her own yarn lines, as does Seyfarth

here's a happy shopper

One young man was not quite understanding the attraction (there was a surprising number of people buying and a couple of patient significant others being role models)

Luckily Isager is expanding her store and there is a patio out in the back where non knitters could  sit down and work on their journals or some such

Or look at the new garden or watch the sheep, the breed of which I've forgotten at the moment

Here is some of my purchase...Isager 2 Irish Tweed single ply mohair 30 and wool 70

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