Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blazing Dyeing

So... I knew that my local fiber guild, Fiber Guild of the Savannahs, was sponsoring a warp dyeing workshop. Now, I am not a weaver at the present time but I know what a warp is.  I went to the guild meeting on Saturday last. The workshop presenter, Kathrin from Blazing Shuttles, from the Asheville area, gave a talk. Kathrin dyes and sells warps in different color ways!

Turns out, the next day, she was doing a dyeing workshop that would include skein dyeing for knitters. Any other plans for Sunday left my head!  

We used ProChemical & Dye kits that Kathrin assembled to manipulate most colors of the rainbow and variations in between!  The dyes were for cellulose based fibers...cotton and types of rayon which  include bamboo and tensel (lyocell). The fibers are created by processing cellulose fibers from different plants (e.g. bamboo) and "extruding" them in a single filament, hence the slipperiness and shininess. While the source is "natural" the fibers are highly processed.  However...these dyes worked well on the silk caps that I brought....

 I am in Kathrin's camp of enjoying intense colors or hues. Apparently "colorfulness" "saturation" and "chroma" are slightly different ways of expressing the intensity of a color.  (I don't understand these nuances but I think that they are important...)

Here are photos...the first two are warps that were dyed by Kathrin on some of our guild's looms

Here is an assortment of undyed and dyed warps

Here are my finished fibers, first, a silk cap from stash, ironically, I had not spun hankies or caps till after this workshop! But now I'm off and running, more on this in an upcoming post...

Tencel roving, dip dyed. I bought the roving from Jennifer in Savannah some time ago

Mercerized cotton in my stash for 20 years probably, haha, the yarn had been used prior in this

Purchased from Kathrin, a rayon chenille skein

More of the tensel, only this was spun quickly the night before

My advice to you: go buy a skein or warp from Kathrin's website or go to a workshop as soon as you can!

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