Monday, September 7, 2015

Bunny Planet...Yep, I did it

Why yes, I've gone and done it. There are bunnies in the house.

I looked back at Ravelry; I have been a member of the Angora Bunny group since 2009 meaning that I was thinking about it even before the minor commitment of even joining the group!

So my friend new friend and farmer Heidi brought over 6 bunnies one sunday last month. My neice was pretty excited too. Eventually she and I decided on two sisters,  white and reddish/fawn.

Preparation/ cage assembly:

Names: Rosa and Blanca.

Both cats and bunnies are nonplussed with each other. Here, Fiona climbs over Blanca. 

Handfeeding is recommended by my local animal training/operant conditioning expert, (that would be Malmaid), to make friends. 

Thus far I have been combing them out to get fur and there has been a small amount of trimming. They are living in my kitchen (yes I know that might be yucky) so there is a lot of floor mopping going on.  I live somewhere HOT.  But I LOVE having them in the kitchen where we can talk.  They are much for comfortable / less nervous now and approach me for treats when I walk in the kitchen.  They will be out on my porch when the weather here in SC cools.  It may be a while till I have enough to spin!

And...yes, it's Labor Day.  Just when I feel the world is going to hell in a handbasket, I see an image like this and see how far we've come (compare this little one's expression with my niece's above).  This image was taken in Newberry, SC 100 years ago.  Thank you to Lewis Hine for using photography to change our world for the better.


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