Sunday, January 10, 2016

Needlefelting: Making Faces at SAFF 2015

There is something very almost empowering about making creatures with faces.  One has the opportunity to create a being with, simply by virtue of their expression...personality.

At SAFF (2015 that is) I was lucky to go to a workshop with Anne E. Magrath on "Magical Figures: Needle Felted Fairies, Mermaids and Witches." Anne is a fiberartist based in Asheville. 

I was excited to learn how to build a a figure using an armature, and to create a head and face.  We used floral wire for the armature, who knew? Here are some of Anne's figures, which she sells are some photos of the process of making mine

The next stage is scary

Anne suggested romney as making a good core wool. She suggested mixing herbs with the core batting for a pleasant aroma. Anne suggested as a source for supplies and a "face kit" with small amounts of what you need to do a face. 

I managed to break 3 or 4 needles and learned that it's important to hold it straight and not try to move wool with the tip of the needle.  We used a smaller 40 gauge needle for the face.

I dressed her in a dress that I had done for a cage doll (who is now cold) and a the very top of a failed top down shawl. I think she looks like an Irish gypsy or perhaps Baba Yaga. I do love her

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