Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Danish Tie Shawl Number One and Return to the Low Country

I finished a Danish Tie Shawl...I am planning a series of these..wanting to do a bit more "historical" Danish knitting.

This sweet thing, which would complement a slimmer figure than mine a bit better, is knit from yarns purchased in Denmark. 

I used  a combination of Hjelholt's Dansk Pelsuld (the lighter orange) purchased in Roskilde at Rok og Uld ("Spindle and Wool" I believe is the translation, no website but a lovely shop). The Dansk Pelsuld is lovely and springy, and reminded me of working with Classic Elite's "tapestry" which I LOVED and has not been available for a long time.  The Tapestry is 75 wool and 25 mohair, a great blend for lace; the Dansk Pelsuld is 100% wool. It was produced at Hjelholt's Uldspinneri in Svendborg, not far from where my family lived. 

I also used  3 colors of natural dyed yarns purchased at  the museum shop at  Lindholm Hoye, in Denmark from tansy (the very light color) St. John's Wort (the yellow) and madder (the darker orange) which is very hard to see at the border. 

The pattern is at this point a bit of a classic,   Dorothea Fischer's "Traditional Danish Tie Shawl" from the Spring 2008 issue of SpinOff. Saved mine and I have the original article to read!

I am not a big stripes person but don't like a sudden transition to another color, and the gradual stripes  soften it. I do love the right angles of color as seen in the back view above, and also how the stripes of different colors seem to meet, as in the photo below.

In other news,  why yes, I did evacuate. Made it into the car with 2 cats and both rabbits, up to my son Ben's in Clemson SC.  My parents and sister and her family all evacuated as well to different locations in the "upstate" as we call it. Ben's housemates were very accommodating and at least did not remark on how allergic to cats they might have been or how gross they thought the stray bunny poop was on the floor of the garage. (No matter what you do there is stray bunny poop, the nice thing is that it's well, umm, in little egg shaped pellets that are easy to scoop up.)

At any rate, here is Rosa ready to return (Blanca is behind her) 

And, here is Ben saying goodbye to Fiona and Samantha. Ben scooped up Samantha to put her in the crate before I showed him how to do it without getting scratched so there was some learning involved. (Put her up by the scruff and gently lower feet first, same as a rabbit).  All animals did fine, I put hay in the bottom of the crates to absorb...and we had a water break for cats halfway through the 7 hour trip. Rabbits are easier to travel with I learned, they don't meow with complaints when you stop the car, are easier to get into crates, and you can hang a water bottle for them. 

My house sustained no damage, lots of leaves and pinecones down, here is the front. 

We all got home safely to electricity and water. My parents lost trees in the backyard: thanks be to the positive forces in the universe that none fell in the direction of their new house!! This was a typical sight on our return trip on back roads, many trees down, often over power lines.

We are all home now, safe and sound! 

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