Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Some scarves and a bit on Nuno'ing my knitting

I have finished some neckwear...

I learned nuno felting a couple of years ago. At some point I said to myself...couldn't I "nuno" a hand knit lace scarf ? About 2 years ago my friend J was trying to knit herself some window treatments, and she had found a nice openwork lace pattern from Barbara Walker. I knit up a scarf and tried it out. Pictured below is NOT the first one. It is a kid silk haze knockoff yarn nuno'd together with that wonderful  Merino Silk Sliver, the latter purchased from Dharma

I love this  colorway which I think is "pomegranite." The white is the silky bits.

The next one was done as a part of a trade, more on that in another post. It was done for a friend's wife who loves purple. Again, the same sliver only in purple blend, this time the knitting bit is white Kid Silk Haze together with a purple strand of Habu Silk Wrapped Stainless. I love in this one the way the white silk echoes the white KidSilk Haze on the opposite side. I do have the tendency to use too much roving so I will need to work on this to get a more drape-y garment in the future.

I Really like the way the knitting pulls in and wriggles as the roving felts to it...

The last creation was done via an impulse purchase. I was at Frayed Knot; my friend picked up a magazine showing an artist who used Noro Pencil Roving to make a scarf. I purchased some and got to work. So this was wet felting and not nuno. 

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