Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Making 2016

(Threading lights  through a wheel is harder than it looks!

Well, it's been a low production year for gifts knitted or otherwise, but here the few that I did

I knit these at the last minute for my niece who loves the bunnies, they are mitts that I spun and knit from my white angora then dipped in a dyepot of a leftover brew that contained cochineal, madder, and some indigo (from something else that had been overdyed in it). I am still working on spinning even yarn with my angora but I kind of like the bumps...

This habotai silk scarf from Dharma was dyed in indigo, then I dyed some primarily wool sock yarn in the same vat. I did an overcast stitche with the yarn then picked up and knit a lace border. I really like this but it went to Susanne.  I'll do more...

This is Evelyn A Clark's shawl, "Ripple."  I am a huge fan of Evelyn's, perhaps because one of her lace shawl patterns was one of the first I knit. This is done in Noro Silk Garden sock, and  goes to Beth. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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