Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FO: Hallowe'en Knitting: Dwarven Battle Bonnet

I rarely knit hats or anything that is amusing.  But I just had to.  It was too good not to.
My son won't wear it much.  I may have to obtain a porcelain phrenology head so I can look at it everyday because the d____ thing just makes me laugh.

 I recall hearing a scholar on a documentary about the Norse say "if you want to know what a Viking looks like, look in the mirror." (This was referring to how widely travelled the Norse were and how widely disseminated their DNA was).  With Battle Bonnet, not even DNA is required.

Pattern is available here.  Done is Red Heart Knitting Worsted, my go to for boys' headgear.

Sally does amazing designs.  Have a look at her blog as well.

I learned from Sally's blog that Knitpicks sells independent designers' patterns.  This may be old news, but it's new to me.  Another place to waste time not knitting or spinning!

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  1. What a great costume. The braids are lovely.